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Genie Nano 5GigE Camera (G5-GM31-M8105)
Genie Nano 5GigE Camera (G5-GM31-M8105)
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Genie Nano 5GigE Camera (G5-GM31-M8105)
Genie Nano 5GigE Camera (G5-GM31-M8105)

Genie Nano 5GigE Camera (G5-GM31-M8105)

Product Code: G5-GM31-M8105
MPN: G5-GM31-M8105

Genie Nano 5G 8192x5420 (45M) Mono Super 35mm (3.2um pixel) M42 mount (14 fps)

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Genie Nano 5GigE

The new standard for speed

Engineered for imaging applications that require high-speed data transfer, the all new Genie Nano 5GigE is an easy replacement for gigabit ethernet cameras built into current vision systems that rely on the existing GigE Vision interface standard. The new Genie Nano 5GigE models feature the brand new 5Gbps (5GBASE-T) link speed.

When combined with Turbodrive, you get the same throughput as 10GigE but lower cost of ownership.

595 MB/s
985 MB/s

Flexible and powerful

Like all Genie Nano cameras, the new Genie Nano 5GigE models are offered in a compact form and available in multiple resolutions ranging from 3.2MP to 45MP, with fast frame rates to fill the entire 5GigE bandwith (and more, with Turbodrive). System designers for industrial automation, electronics manufacturing, packaging, semiconductor inspection, and general machine vision inspection can expect a smooth integration path to extend the life of an existing

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